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Diamond core drilling is a precision and effective method solution to create round openings in hard concrete. We offer full range of Core cutting systems from 12mm diameter to unlimited size and diameter by stitch coring method. Depending on the core hole diameter and depth our fleet has extended choice of using electrical core drilling motor, Hydraulic core drilling motor and high frequency system for dry and wet application according to the site condition.

Corecut in-house stock of machines and tools, additional facility of heavy diamond specialist’s maintenance team keep the site work moving smoothly. The well-organized logistics and transportation team is capable of accessing anywhere in the UAE with in 24hours of customer call. As diamond core drilling or core cutting is the fundamentals of all diamond service contractors we have named ourselves after our prime strength of foundation to our organization “Corecut Engineering LLC” and we are very competitive in its techno-commercial aspects.

Standard core drilling

  • 12mm to 1000mm
  • Precision drilling
  • Electric and hydraulic systems for variable applications

Stitch core drilling

  • 500mm to 2500mm
  • Square openings
  • No limit to the size and depth

Deep drilling system

  • Special project service for extreme depth
  • Core catcher to secure core in the barrel
  • System components as below

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