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We offer full range of diamond sawing service from 125mm ø to 2200 ø blade, Achieving small precision grooves to 1000mm depth using circular blades. Any depth above will advance to wire sawing process with no limit to sawing depth.

Machines Manufactures

  • Weka – Germany
  • Diaquip – UK
  • Husqvarna – Sweden
  • Tyrolit – Austria
  • Hydrostress – Switzerland
  • Hilti – Germany
  • Bosch – Germany

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing or Track sawing machines are extremely sturdy with secured guide track ensures high reliability and cutting accuracy.

Application: Wall | Parapet | Ceiling | Staircase | Road barrier.

Wire Sawing

Very versatile cutting mechanism to cut reinforced concrete with larger crosses sections or thickness.

Application: Column | Beam | Foundations | Precast Girders | Piles | Underwater

Chain Saw

Precision guide attached chain saw enables efficient, clean square sawing, corner without overcutting.

Application: Square opening | Door opening | Overcut save.

Multiple Sawing

We are capable of executing multiple diamond sawing and cutting applications broadly known as controlled demolition.

Application: Villa | Process plant | Priority areas | Sea and Air Port | Infrastructure

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